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new moon energy share

Sat, Oct. 26th 6 PM

For the new moon in Scorpio on Saturday, October 26th, we will gather in the Sanctuary for an energy share. No experience is necessary. If you have never given energy before, we will give you a quick lesson. Everyone will take a turn receiving energy from the group, and everyone will give energy along with the group when it is not their turn on the table. Intention setting, meditation, chatting, and community-forming are all parts of this event.

If you have been curious about energy work and are not sure where to start, this is a great one for you. 

If you are an experienced energy worker and are looking for another way to connect, to practice, to share the love, this is also a great one for you.

suggested donation

Register through Redwing Healing Arts, our Sanctuary neighbor. Click on Courses to find the energy share.

full moon discounts

$20 off all services for the three days of the full moon

    next special:
    November 11–14

See the facebook page for detailed info!

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