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energy healing


Energy healing is a practice in which the practitioner channels energy into the client to promote stress relief, healing, and vitality. Called "ki" or "chi" or "prana" or simply "life force" depending on the tradition, this energy fills the body and soul.  

The sensations during a session are different from person to person, but many report feeling warmth, tingling, or a glowy feeling. 

During the session, you will lie on a reiki table, fully clothed, and just relax. If you would prefer to not be touched, energy healing is just as effective with hands hovering above the body, and I will ask your preference before your session.

I am trained in Holy Fire Reiki, and I offer traditional Reiki sessions, an ancient Japanese healing art. Sessions are intuitively-guided, and we will address issues you might be having in order to direct the healing around those energetic areas. Sessions can center around a focused problem such as depression, anxiety, or a specific physical pain. Or, they may be a more general vibration-lifting focus. Manifesting, releasing, and intention setting ceremonies are channeled sessions to help you through life's transitions. All sessions will flow intuitively into whatever your specific situation and energy needs. Message me with any questions at all.

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