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These rustic, hand-poured dish soap bars lather easily, clean well, and are gentle on your hands. Made with love through the cold-process soaponification process, these are an eco-friendly alternative to liquid dish soap.


They are VERY subtley-scented with organic orange essential oil, leaving the soap with just a clean, fresh vibe.


Simply run the bar under water to fill the sink with bubbles. Or, run a (compostable!) sponge over top of the bar for smaller scrubbing moments. The pattern on the front varies.


For long-lasting soap bars, keep the bar dry between uses. I recommend a soap lift or a ceramic soap dish.

Organic, all-natural dish soap bar

SKU: 10003
  • organic unrefined coconut oil, organic castor oil, organic orange essential oil, water, sodium hydroxide*

    *none remains after soaponification

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